Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Exploring Tumbina

salam semester II

End of first semester means that we're going to have a holiday. Well, yeah heaven ! (Even we got only three weeks for the first sem break). Hoping that I could go for a short vacation during the past holiday but nahh... it doesn't happened. Atuk was sick and we went back to visit him for almost every week. Pathetic, but its okay as long as he gets well soon and start lliving his life again.

Time flies so fast and sem break has ended. (Like, seriously?) I don't even get a chance to meet my old friend. First week of classes was so boring as we didn't start any lectures yet and we don't have any assignments or group projects to do. Since I didn't get the chance to have a short vacation during the last sem break, so last week, I decided to go for a walk at Taman Tumbina Bintulu with one of my roommates.

Well, basically Tumbina is like a Zoo Negara as in KL. The differences between both of them is just that Tumbina also got various species of plants. (That's why it is called Tumbina- tumbuhan and fauna). Taman Tumbina isn't that far from our campus, taking a cab will only take ten minutes for you to reach there. We went there at four, by taxi. Before you could explore Tumbina, you guys need to pay for the fee. Don't worry. The entrance fee is just RM 2 only for each person and with the RM 2, you could spend as much time as you can exploring various types of plants, animals, birds and insects (mostly butterflies) at Tumbina.

At the entrance of Tumbina *weeee ^-^

Crocodile at Reptile's House of Tumbina. This crocodile is known as "buaya tembaga", Crocodylus porosus (the scientific name) As for your information, this kind of crocodile is actually the largest species of crocodiles.

Surprise! It's a massive sleepy phython I go here. Wish I could own this kind of snake as my pet, one day :)

Say hello to this cute talking bird.

Taman Tumbina is nice even there are not so many animals there as you could see at Zoo Negara. Sarawakians, make sure you guys come and visit the plants and animals there, okay! And people out there too. Don't hesitate to visit this place if you guys come over to Sarawak. It's actually a nice place for a walk or jog or spending your time with your precious one.

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