Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Eternal Bliss

"Happiness comes from heart, not from material wealth" 
Assalamualaikum and greetings to all

"What is your wish"

"I want to be happy"

"Is that all ?"

"Because that is all I need, we need. Happiness. Eternal happiness"

What's up guys ?  The post title is a little bit cliche', I know. But it is something that we really need in our life. Happiness. Bliss. And it is something that we need to look for. Maybe some of us think that if we are rich- own a mansion, a luxurious car, a lot of money that could make us happy. But then, think again. Actually, happiness does not depend on how rich you are or how much money do you have in your bank account. It depends on how happy and grateful you are with all that have been given to you. Sometimes, in life, we always ask for something to satisfy our desire till we forget to be grateful with things that we own. Thus, we need to remind ourself that God give something that we need and not what we want. 

"Sometime seeing people happy could make us happy too"

 Eternal bliss. Thinking of this topic give us an idea to shoot a video. Actually, it is for our Raya advertisement video that has been assigned to us by Sir Fakhzan for the past three weeks. It was really disaster at first. Dodi suggested us to make a video about do's and dont's things during Raya or a musical video. Syuhada said that the ideas were good but they were not deep enough to touch the audiences' hearts especially Sir Fakhzan's. And then Syuhada gave an idea on making a short drama about a poor father who work hard to fulfill his children needs during Raya. Her idea was good too but we cannot find a suitable place to shoot the short drama. At last, Q's idea was chosen. Her idea is about a son, Along who doesn't know what's the true meaning of happiness. He thought that happiness depends on material wealth since he came from a poor family. Every Raya, they couldn't afford to own a new baju raya, kuih raya and any preparations for raya. The story was a flashback. 14 years has passed. Along and his siblings are all grown up. But they will gather by the beach every Raya in remembering their beloved father. 

You guys want to watch our video ?

On counting of 




Let the show begin !

Don't just watch. Hope you guys will take the good things and learn.

"We had joy, we had fun. We had season in the sun" -Westlife

"Be happy. Be grateful. And your life will be blessed"

see you,

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  1. assalam q... long time no see you. haha.. i dont know whether u still recognize me or not. tehee... wherever u are, i wish u the happiness here and hereafter. ;)